closeup of snowshoes and trekking poles in snowy mountains

Beginner Snowshoeing Guide

Outdoor How-To'sJanese Bryant
Some of us ski, some snowboard, and some even take the sled (snowmobile) out for a blast through powder covered meadows. For those who just miss hi...
closeup of a backcountry backpack as two friends hike in the mountains

How to Pick the Right Hiking or Backpacking Pack

Outdoor How-To'sTim Shiffer
Imagining the perfect day hike or embarking on a sure-to-be legendary backpacking trip with a group of your closest friends? Yeah, we can relate to...
feet sticking out of a tent

Eight Things to Consider Before Your First Backpacking Trip

Outdoor How-To'sTim Shiffer
So you're thinking about testing yourself by trying out backpacking? Awesome! We're happy to say we've been in the same situation as you have. The ...
two hikers climbing up a trail

Our Comprehensive Backpacking Guide

Outdoor How-To'sTim Shiffer
In its simplest form, backpacking is the combination of hiking and camping rolled into one. You head out to your campsite on foot and bring only what you can pack in (and back out) with you. The benefits of taking in the natural world are many and every single one of them can be life changing in a positive way.