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About Us

Our Story

Headquartered in Meridian, Idaho near the foothills of the Boise Front Range (a prime access point to adventure), our priority has always been to provide a collection of gear that speaks directly to our customers: people who live and work in society, but want nothing more than to chase adventure every chance they get. From our core backpack offerings to cutting edge fleeces, extra warm beanies to laid back sunglasses, eco-friendly belts to go-to pocket knives, our list of quality brands and innovative products continues to grow. To drive that growth we relentlessly seek out innovative and stylish items, rigorously test them, and bring the "chosen ones" to our customers at fair prices. The selection criteria is simple: if we don't look at each other and say "heck yeah" after we've experienced what a product has to offer, we aren't interested. Because of this, we firmly believe that every item you'll find on our site delivers a strong value proposition which far outweighs the price of admission. And if you're wondering why there is a saguaro cactus at the top of this page, lets just say we have a fondness for the desert southwest as well.

Advanced Primate team members Tim and Chris

Advanced Primate team members Tim and Chris posing with members of the Idaho National Guard in front of their totally advanced rig. 2019. "If we can't sell it, we're at least going to take our picture with it." Photo Credit: Matt Roderick,

Our Mission

To be the go-to source for innovative, high quality adventure gear that lasts way longer than expected and offer it to our customers at sweet spot pricing. We pride ourselves on offering gear from American brands that you might not have a strong personal relationship with yet, but will tell all of your friends about once we've helped you build one.

Our Vision

To be the people and the company that online customers trust the most. We want every customer to be so satisfied with every transaction that they happily recommend us to friends and family.

Our Purpose

The driving force behind everything we do at Advanced Primate is providing value, in large part that means giving back on a grander scale than we would be able to do alone. That is why 2% of every sale generated by our store goes directly to 1 (or all 3, our customers choose at checkout) of our worthy animal charities: the Wildlife Conservation Network, the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. Through Advanced Primate we are proud to be able to provide outstanding value to our customers, but also to help generate resources that make this rock we call Earth a better place be.




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