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Americana 2.0 Wallet
Americana 2.0 Wallet
Americana 2.0 Wallet
Americana 2.0 Wallet


Americana 2.0 Wallet

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TGT Wallets, pronounced "tight", as in awesome or can be fit into tight spaces, are designed and manufactured by folks who know about tight spaces. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, a borough located in a city that Advanced Primate is quite fond of, these minimalist wallets are handmade by local artisans, for the artisan-minded primate. Simple, yet stunningly unique, the Americana 2.0 measures just 2.25" wide by 2.75" long, and weighs less than 0.2oz. Taking up precious pocket pocket space, the only thing you'll have to worry about is wondering whether or not you forget to bring you wallet! That is until you reach down to check and realize that it is in fact there, you just didn't notice it.


  • Lovingly made in Brooklyn, NY
  • Constructed of ultra-soft, vegetable-tanned lambskin and elastic
  • Innovative design allows for front pocket use
  • Offers comfort, lightness, and extra pocket space
  • Elasticity allows for conformation so that you carry as much or little as desired
  • Double stitched seams for durability

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