How do I fill the bottle with water?

Flip water the bottle upside-down and open the zipper seal. Increase the opening size by pulling the tabs in opposite directions or squeeze from the sides to hold it open with one hand. Once full, align zipper and pinch along entire zipper length to seal tightly. To drink, pull locking bite valve upward and bite the valve to allow water to flow freely. When not in use, close bite valve lock by pressing downward to lock.

How do I clean the water bottle? Can I put it in the dishwasher?

Open the zipper on the bottom of the bottle and gently clean using warm water, mild soap, and a bottle brush. Cleaning can also be done with hydration bladder cleaning tablets. Follow instructions included with cleaning tablets. DO NOT DISH WASH - doing so will void the warranty.

How do I keep it from being floppy?

Blow air back into the bottle after drinking to maintain sturdy bottle structure.

How do I store the bottle between uses?

Open the bottom zipper and empty out all water. Open the cap and blow out all water in the straw. Leave the cap and bottom zipper open while storing. This will allow for all areas to dry.

I’m having a hard time closing the bottom. What should I do?

Make sure you have the top and bottom zippers lined up before squeezing them together. You’ll need to push directly down on the top zipper and directly up with the bottom. If you push at an angle at all it will throw them out of alignment. The zipper will require a fair amount of pressure to properly seal.

I don’t like the way the bottle tastes. What should I do?

Our bottle is made of TPU, the same material as many hydration bladders. Some people notice a slight taste from the material, which is the same taste as any hydration bladder. First and foremost, it’s important to know that this taste is not harmful. Our bottles have been tested for safety by a qualified test lab in the United States. To reduce or eliminate the taste we’ve found that soaking the bottle in warm water and baking soda, or using a water bladder cleaning tablet like Bottle Bright should get rid of any issues with taste/smell. This taste will also wear off with use. Leaving water overnight or for several days can amplify the taste when the bottle is new, refreshing the water daily is generally good practice.

Can the bottle be returned?

We can accept returns on products that are in resell-able condition. If the bottle is returned with the plastic removed from the mouthpiece or moisture inside the bottle, then unfortunately we cannot accept the return.

How long is the warranty valid?

The packable water bottle has a 1-year warranty.

I can’t get much water to come out of the straw. What should I do?

Make sure you pull up on the mouthpiece to unlock it up for water to pass through. There is a locking bite valve that is locked when it’s pushed down and unlocks when you pull up.

Can the bottle be folded up?

The bottle can be flattened or rolled/folded along the straw. We recommend that you don’t put hard folds in the straw as they can become permanent kinks over time.

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