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Yellowstone National Park Meshback Hat
Yellowstone National Park Meshback Hat


Yellowstone National Park Meshback Hat

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As far as we can tell Yellowstone National Park is America’s most famous protected wilderness and one that we’re proud to have as part of our state, even if it’s just the tip. The majority of the 3,500-acre park lies in Wyoming with a bit in Montana and every square acre is beautifully picturesque. In addition to the hundreds of species of wildlife (bears, wolves, and bison oh my!) that call the park home, the landscape runs the gamut as well; featuring alpine rivers, lush forests, canyons, hot springs, and of course geysers. One thing you may not know about the park’s famous geysers (Old Faithful) is that they’re actually indicators (symptoms?) of a supervolcano that sleeps beneath the entire park. That’s right, Yellowstone Park is a supervolano.

Luckily it hasn’t erupted in 640,000 years, but last time it did erupt it was 2,500 times the size of the 1980 Mount St. Helen’s eruption in nearby Washington state... Pretty massive, right? Sadly, if the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts again while we’re still on earth, most of us won’t survive. No reason to fret about inevitable doom though, in the meantime we think it’s more important to focus on how beautiful this park is. We’re particularly fond of the colorful style that Sendero Provisions Co. chose for their Yellowstone National Park Meshback hat.


  • Cotton Twill Meshback
  • Woven Label Patch
  • Mid-Profile 6 Panel
  • Snapback
  • Semi-Curved Visor

*A portion of the proceeds from this provision supports Yellowstone Park Foundation.


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