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The Slab | Wood Wallet
The Slab | Wood Wallet
The Slab | Wood Wallet
The Slab | Wood Wallet
The Slab | Wood Wallet


The Slab | Wood Wallet

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Proof Eyewear's take on the wallet, known as the Slab, checks in as the most minimal wallet we've ever seen. Slightly larger than a credit card or your drivers license, we suspect that the Slab will represent the final major iteration of the wallet before physical bartering-media goes away completely. Why do they still have CD players in 2018 cars anyway? The Slab consists of two pieces of Bass wood and one silicone elastic band that serves to hold the two wood pieces snugly together. No worries when it comes to durability here either, no matter how many times you stretch the band, it will always maintain its tight (not too tight) grip on your valuables. The wood holds up exceedingly well over time too. What do you do with any cash may have on you? Stick it between the outside of the Slab and the elastic band, it fits like a glove. Yeah this thing is super simple, but that's the point! The Slab will change your life, everybody at Advanced Primate has one of these and none of us would go back to even a traditional leather card holder. Do yourself a favor and pick one up, if you don't love it (we'd find that odd), you can give it as a gift and we promise they will..


  • Slip your cash through the band on the outside of the Slab
  • Put your car key ring through the band too for a true all in one lifesaver
  • Hand crafted sustainably sourced wood
  • Super lightweight design
  • Floats in water!
  • Fits in basically any pocket

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