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Every day you fling open the front door and step out of your house setting forth on your next great adventure . . . or maybe you’re just heading off to another day at work or school. No matter where you are going, you will need to bring a great backpack.

We love the freedom that carrying a backpack gives you. Your hands are unrestricted to open doors, carry your coffee, or browse thru the market. And there is nothing quite as exhilarating as racing through the airport to catch a flight; breathing hard, arms pumping, with just your ticket in your hand.

Whether it’s the first day of school, a beautiful mountain hike, or a trip across country; a well-organized backpack makes everything easier. What makes a great backpack? For starters, a great backpack will have plenty of designated pockets: zipper pockets for securing important documents, padded pockets to protect your electronics, and an abundance of places to put books. Everyone should always carry a pen and a notebook—you never know when your next great inspiration will strike. We are particularly fond of the insulated cooler pockets for water bottles.

There are so many backpack options today that you need to decide what is most important to you before jumping online to make that purchase. Do you carry a large laptop or just a small tablet or both? Do you need a large open space for lots of books or just a small spot for snacks? Is your bag primarily to secure a valuable camera? How secure should access be to various pockets? Is your backpack just for travel or just for school, or does it need to deliver in many different situations? What about charging your devices on the go? You will need a backpack with a good tote handle if you frequently find yourself on packed buses, trains, or elevators. Look for top quality and comfort first. A well-balanced backpack will have straps that don’t pinch or slide.

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Finally, know your personal style. Sometimes a fancy business-look is necessary, or you may just want a casual denim bag with crazy awesome features. Some might need the giant white, walk-on-the-moon backpack. Women are ditching their purses for chic backpacks to carry those comfy shoes, laptop, makeup, and wallet all in one fashion-meets-function bag. Many of us now keep at least two backpacks on hand: one for travel and one for everyday use.

There have been many articles lately about the pains of an overpacked backpack. Doctors recommend carrying only 10-20% of your bodyweight on your back maximum.  This is when a weekend tote or messenger bag will come in handy.  Not only will you spread the weight between two bags, but you will have easier access to all your belongings.

Handsfree travel, organized, secure/protected electronics – all great reasons to keep a selection of carries on hand. With so many questions to answer, probably the first one you need to ask is what do you need to put in your backpack today? After that is when the fun begins.

Jan Bryant is the Vice President of and a regular contributor to our blog posts. If you have any further questions about the perfect backpack or carry for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to her at

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