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Back for another totally insightful review, fellow day hiker Emily Tidwell drops by to share her thoughts on one of our favorite jackets ever, the Pumice Jacket.

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My boyfriend likes to say that I am in a constant layering crisis. I’m either frigidly cold, or overly hot at any given point of the day. Sometimes, I’m both. I am after all a fan on, AC blasting, needs to sleep under a heavy down comforter in the middle of summer, but only covering half my body kind of gal. It’s just who I am.

Thankfully, the Sendero Pumice Jacket falls right in line with my inability to be decisive or check the daily weather report, so Advanced Primate sent one my way.

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Why is this jacket so great? Because it folds into its own freaking pocket. Yes, I said that right. This light-weight nylon rip-stop, water-resistant jacket can be bundled up into a tight little package and tucked away when you don’t need it. It’s perfect for a day hike, a quick run around the neighborhood, or your early morning jaunt to your local coffee shop.

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Plus, unlike other light weight wind breakers in my collection, the Pumice Jacket has pockets, pockets! If you didn’t know, pockets are kind of a girl’s best friend. And I can fit soooo many things into this jacket that I’m bound to lose something while carrying it on my own body. (I can’t tell you how many times I put something in a safe place to only forget how safe I placed it)

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So there you have it. The perfect light weight windbreaker, that packs down into itself for storage, is waterproof, has great freaking pockets, and will keep you warm in a surprising amount of temperatures. Just use your own activity to regulate the thermostat. Zip it up tight and move around to raise the temps, unzip and slow down to release the heat! Learn more about the Pumice Jacket by visiting our product page and learn more about Emily and her amazing photography by visiting her site here.


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