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Summer is finally here, and you can guess what that means: plenty of warm weather and lots of outdoor time. Whether camping, hiking, or simply enjoying the backyard, having the right gear is vital for making the most of your time outside. Are you looking to upgrade your outdoor gear? Check out our list of must-have outdoor items for the summer. With the backpacking accessories and outdoor equipment below from Advanced Primate, you’ll be fully prepared to enjoy all the natural beauty America can offer.

Farm to Feet Socks

Keep your feet toasty and dry with our Farm to Feet line of socks made specifically for outdoor use. Every aspect of these socks is 100% American-made. The process begins by harvesting American wool from America-raised livestock before manufacturing it in American factories.

Besides their American history, what makes these socks so unique? You can trust our Farm to Feet products to use U.S. merino wool, which allows our socks to keep you cool in the summer and warm in winter, making them ideal for hiking and camping trips. The fine merino wool prevents bacteria build-up and helps these socks stay odor-free. Thick padding prevents blisters and helps make these socks the durable products you love. Better yet, merino wool helps these socks stay moisture-resistant. These socks are seamless at the toe. Farm to Feet socks can keep your feet warm and dry even in the rain or snow. Wash your socks in cold water to extend their lifetime, then tumble dry without heat.

We believe in the importance of providing jobs for American workers of all gender and color. Support locals in your country by choosing exquisite Made-in-America socks. 

ALPIN x DESO Rolltop

There’s nothing like kicking back and relaxing in the great outdoors. However, finding a comfortable spot to unwind can be anything but relaxing. With the ALPIN x DESO Rolltop backpack, you can bring comfort with you wherever you go. One of the best features this backpack can offer is its ergonomic straps, which make it easy to carry no matter how far you’re traveling. The water-resistant liner protects gear, clothing, papers, and cell phones, which can make this an essential piece of outdoor equipment on your next adventure.

The pack also includes horizontal straps that are ideal for holding water skis, snow skis, or skateboards. The large interior compartment (approximately 28 L) offers plenty of space for storing gear. The minimalist design frees your hands so you can unload your gear in fewer trips. If you’re looking for a super comfortable backpack with ample storage, there’s no question that the ALPIN x DESO Rolltop is tough to beat. The backpack straps are load-balancing to help you best distribute your weight too.

Whether camping in the woods, chilling at the beach, or spending a lazy afternoon in your backyard, this pack is an absolute must-have for your summer camping gear collection. Enjoy a lifetime guarantee on your bag so you can always feel comfortable with an excellent investment.

Osma Pirate Black Shirt Jacket

This Osma jacket is more than an appealing visual design. It’s also durable, water repellent, and it features roomy pockets to hold your small loose items. This jacket is made from polyester and spandex. It’s also mesh-lined. This combination of fabrics makes it extra comfortable. Add it to your collection of summer hiking equipment today.

You’ll find that this jacket is a tailored fit meant to suit your form perfectly. You can easily wear this jacket on outdoor adventures or for everyday use while walking around your hometown. It’s sure to keep you warm and snug, and the pockets use button snaps to keep contents secure. The Osma jacket is workman-grade with double-knit fabric and is suitable for all weather, rain or shine. Take the bite out of the wind by pulling on this durable jacket to keep yourself warm! American-made products like this one are perfectly designed for various American climates.

Ropi Patina Snap Hoodie

Sleek jackets aren’t for everyone. Some people prefer soft hoodies instead. Consider the Ropi Pantina Snap Hoodie to enjoy a fleece hoodie’s warmth and central pocket space without sacrificing durability outdoors. The Ropi Patina hoodie is a breeze to pull on and remove, and it offers a slim fit to keep you feeling snug. Embrace the nylon hood to keep the rain out of your hair. Like the Osma Pirate Black Shirt Jacket, this hoodie has several button snap pockets to protect sensitive items while you’re out. Once you wear it, you will also notice how the clever ribbed wrist cuffs prevent your sleeves from riding up. They also keep water from trickling down your arms.

Wash cold and tumble dry low to preserve this hoodie’s life. This product is hand-cut and sewn in San Francisco, California.

Men’s Classic Foxtail Belt

Minimalist and stylish, you can’t go wrong with the Men’s Classic Foxtail Belt from Grip6. The simple and elegant belt looks fantastic and is highly functional, too. It has no belt holes, so you can adjust it precisely to provide a flawless fit. The USA-made outdoor equipment also comes with Grip6’s A3 Guarandamn-Tee, which protects the belt for life against malfunction, accidents, and regular wear and tear.

This belt is perfect for outdoor use; its unique design offers the ideal no-fuss comfort. The flat buckle design keeps the belt flat at all times so that it won’t protrude or dig into your waist. Plus, the lightweight buckle has a slight curve for even more comfort. The Foxtail Grip 6 Belts also feature a non-slip, badger bite grip, which prevents the belt from loosening throughout the day. This design also allows users to swap buckles or belts whenever they please. The belt is available in five neutral colors, including mocha, gray, and five size ranges. 

Outdoor enthusiasts can tell you that the right summer camping gear can make or break your outdoor adventure. Advanced Primate has everything you need, from water filters to stylish Grip 6 belts, to prepare for your next outdoor excursion! Visit us at Advanced Primate to check out all of our fantastic outdoor equipment today.

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