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As I am getting older, I am realizing how important being eco-conscious truly is when going on camping trips with my friends and family. Nature is part of our collective home, after all. If you are like me and want to take proactive steps to protect the nature we all love and enjoy on a daily basis, here are just a few ways that I will be incorporating eco-friendly habits into my future camping trips. 

Reusable Dishes

Throughout all of my camping trips, this is by far the area that I have slacked on the most. Paper plates, plastic silverware, and bottled beverages are just so convenient to throw away after you are finished using them. The downside is they leave you with bags of garbage and they are typically not biodegradable. To reduce your carbon footprint, many studies have found that reusable dishes are the way to go, and Advanced Primate has an entire collection of eco-friendly cooking kits! If you bring reusable dishes while camping, you can use them repeatedly and rinse them off in a nearby creek or toss them in a bin to wash when you get home!

Pack Out What You Bring In

Littering is hands-down one of the most careless decisions you can make in general, let alone while camping. You are out in the woods surrounded by animals and other living things that can be harmed by garbage you leave behind and potentially die. Picking up every single item that you bring camping, whether that be a tent or a granola bar wrapper, is very important. This is an area that I also hold my friends accountable in! They may not think picking up their garbage is important, but you can teach them how to be kind to the environment.

Reusable Fuel Sources

If you are going to bring a camping stove to warm up your meals or need a way to charge your cell phone, there are many reusable and renewable sources that you can utilize.

Liquid Gas Canisters

Gas cartridges are great for one-time use, but that is not something that we fancy here! Refillable liquid gas canisters can do everything that gas cartridges can do and you can use them multiple times. All you have to do is find a camping stove or whatever you need gas to power that can use liquid fuel instead. This helps save the environment and your wallet, which is something I think every adventurer can appreciate!

Solar Power

Solar power has been gaining popularity in recent years, which has led to significant advancements in solar technology. There are now many options for solar power generators that you can bring camping! This is the perfect way to charge your phone, flashlights with rechargeable batteries, or any other item that needs a power source. Check out this guide that breaks down the different types of solar power options for camping!

Plan Meals Ahead of Time

Meal planning is an area that I am usually pretty thorough in, but I can fine-tune it to be more eco-friendly! For camping, I usually think a box of granola bars is good for snacks, or I buy foods that come in numerous wrappers that I will eventually have to dispose of while I am at the campsite. However, this is completely avoidable! The folks over at Gippsland Unwrapped put together a great zero-waste meal prep blog for camping and hiking that you should definitely check out! Let’s work together to make eco-friendly camping a priority in 2022! If you’re looking for more information about sustainability, gear guides for your next adventure, top adventure spots and more, check out our blog page!
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