3 Sunnies Perfect for Summer Hangs

When Advanced Primate asked my opinion on the best sunglasses for summer, coming from Reno where I swear it’s always sunny, I hopped right on board. Here are 3 of my favorite black rimmed sunnies, set for hopefully a super social summer. I hope you’re all staying safe.

- The Bruneau - 

Proof Bruneau Shades at Advanced Primate

Proof Eyewear Bruneau - 68.00

Step aside, speed shades, the Bruneau from Proof’s Adventure Series is officially my new apres shade. Made from 95% cotton-based acetate, these sunnies are not only stylish but sustainably aware all the way down to the wood detailed finish on the tips. With 100% UVA/UVB protection and a black fade polarized lens, they’re fit for any sunny day. They feel great on my face and their retro aviator style frame with peek-a-boo detailing on the nose demand that my authority be taken seriously. At a mid range price point of $68, they are fit for adventure or the city, really anywhere you wanna focus some Tom Selleck energy.

- Mary Janes - 

Knockaround Fast Lanes Matte Black on Black Advanced Primate

Knockaround Sunglasses Mary Janes - 30.00

I just recently bought roller skates. Am I good? Oh, absolutely not but, the Mary Jane frame from Knockaround Sunglasses at least gives me the “look” of knowing what I’m doing. Based out of San Diego, Ca, knockaround Sunglasses are aptly named… they want you to knock them around. Be adventurous, be sporty, at 30 dollars a pair, they’re incredibly affordable and can stand up to a challenge. In fact, they have an FDA approved impact resistant lens, which is pretty rad because I didn’t even know that was a thing! So seriously, you can be a little rough around the edges with these things.

The Mary Janes are Polarized and UV400 sun protected with a sleek classic cat eye frame and thin black metal arms. And while I flail around on my skates wearing this frame most days, I’d also save them for a nice night out on the town. 

- Fast Lanes - 

Knockaround Fast Lanes available at Advanced Primate


Knockaround Sunglasses Fast Lanes - 25.00

Need a frame that you know you’ll look good in? That your mom will look good in? And your friend who always happens to forget their sunglasses at home and asks to borrow yours and then forgets to return them for 3 weeks? Then Knockaround’s Fast Lane shades are right for you. The rectangle design, clean cut, and wider frame covers your precious eyes and sit great on any face shape. And at 25 dollars for the pair, they’re great to have a spare of. Keep one in your car for the long drive home, and one in the backpack ready to rip the bike park. They are UV 400 sun protected and carry the same FDA approved impact resistant lens as the other Knockaround Sunglasses provide. They’re a steal at this price mark, fit for adventure and lounging on the patio at home. 

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